Theme Designer

In my blog you can track my new themes and screenshots of the themes I´ve done. My themes are available through Android Market for sale. You can download "GO Launcher EX" and "ssLauncher" from Market, they´re free applications to allow using free and paid themes for Android phones, you can change wallpapers, icons, folders.


ssLauncher - Step by Step

This page will show you some features with screenshots, tips and you will understand several options available in ssLauncher. No other launcher has so many usefull features like ssLauncher. Some information you see in this page refers to the NEW VERSION 1.5.0+ that is available now in Google Play Store. Most of my themes are READY and PREPARED to the new features ! :-)

Begginer - How to apply a theme?
To reach the 5th screen above, keep your finger pressed on the background till the menu appear to load the theme template.

Setup Cover Page Icons for Old themes
Older themes will have the "Thumbnail only" option marked as default, you can change this following the above screenshot and make sure it´s OFF to allow the icon background/foreground applied in Cover pages.

Changing App Drawer Icons
To change the App Drawer icons keep your finger pressed on the icon till the menu appear as the 1st screenshot and select the Icon option to select the icon from the theme.

Changing Page Labels

Rearrenging Pages

Big Icons on Cover Pages

Understanding Font Options

Understanding Icon Options